We are giving 50 percent of our income to the government..."

by Eric Dondero

On the recent horrendous gang rape case by 6 men of a young New Delhi woman.

From ZeeNews India, Kangna Ranaut, `Queen` team support Delhi rape victim: "And I am sure that police and government will take right steps. And by right step, I do not mean girls staying at home after 7 p.m. The right step should be that a girl can walk on the road alone even at 3 a.m. She should decide how she wants to dress," he added.

Kangna wants the authorities to provide secure environment to women.

"I was traumatised... I was afraid and scarred for life with the details of the incident. I don`t thing anything could be same again," she said.

"Like any other common person, we are giving 50 percent of our income to the government and expecting them to protect us. People do expect answers and they (politicians) are answerable to us."

"We are praying for her (the rape victim who is critical in hospital). I hope she makes it because she has the right to live a normal life. We are going to support her in every possible way,"

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