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From Eric Dondero:

The London Daily Mail reports that with the new year, comes a slew of new rules and regulations designed to annoy us, nit-pick us to death, waste our time and take more money out of our wallets. 

The problem is particularly accute in Australia where:a raft of 2013 laws being introduced in the country that critics say are unnecessary 'nannyism'.

Parents have been told not to wear revealing clothes such as bikinis or racist T-shirts.

In Victoria, smokers will be fined £89 ($140) if they light up within 164 feet of the beach and in New South Wales a smoke-free radius will be installed around parks.

A ban on tanning salons will also come into force in the state from today.But then there's this from South Australia:

[complete ban on Ladies Night promotions goes into effect] Terry O'Gormon, president of The Australian Council for Civil Liberties, told The Australian that laws are already in place to prevent drunk people being served more alcohol in bars.

He said: 'If there is a problem, it lies with the enforcement.

Under the new alcohol laws, bars must offer free water to customers.

However many bars are expected to include men in their promotions to sidestep the ban.

The manager of PJ O'Briens bar in Adelaide told The Telegraph: 'As long as you offer the special deals to everyone, it is OK.

'We will still look after everyone. Everything we're doing is by the book.'

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