by Clifford F. Thies

The UN International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has ordered Ghana to release the Argentine ship Libertad, seized for non-payment of debt by the workers national socialist country of Argentina. The basis of the tribunal's decision is that the three-masted frigate is a "warship" and, therefore, exempt for seizure for non-payment of debt.

Elliot Management, which owns $600 million of the debt of that pathetic excuse for a country, had gotten a court order for impounding the ship.

Said, Cristina Kircher, President of Argentina, “As long as I’m president, you can take our frigate, but nobody is going to take the liberty, the sovereignty and dignity of this nation;" which is partially true, because the country has no dignity. As for liberty, Argentina demonstrates that where the state is free, the people are not.

As for why Argentina needs this frigate, we now know it is to suppress maintain order. Galloping inflation has impoverished the people of the country, resulting in widespread rioting and looting. Oh, and with her many facelifts, Cristina is starting to look-like our own Nancy Pelosi, or, as we like to refer to her, Stretch-face.

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