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by Eric Dondero

Breaking News... There were very few 'No' votes on the Senate floor for the tax hike bill. But three of note, all Tea Party Republicans: Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky and prospective 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Michele Malkin Tweets:The Republicans have given up the no tax increases mantle. They now stand for what exactly?

While Erik Erickson of RedState Tweets:Tom Coburn, Ron Johnson, and Pat Toomey Should be Ashamed

You can see the full Senate roll call vote at Senate.gov. (Includes a few not voting for reasons of illness or retirement, DeMint, Kirk, or old age, Lautenberg of NJ).

Of note, of course, Tea Party Senator-elect Ted Cruz of Texas was not eligible to vote on the bill.

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